Friday, January 21, 2011

R35 Power Extreme-GS Stainless-steel Exhaust

Enhance the sound of the VR38 engine in the R35 GTR,
        with a Stainless-Steel GReddy Power Extreme –GS exhaust.
(p/n 10123224)

The PE-GS is a full Stainless-steel version of our popular high-flow PE-Ti for the (R35) GTR. The system features the same diameter piping and routing in a more conventional construction and a lower price. The layout starts with a large 80mm (3.15”) mid-pipe to a dual 80mm “Y” to two tuned, straight-through, oval GReddy mufflers and exit via two more 80mm “Y”s and quad- 115mm (4.5”), inner-rolled, bolt-on GReddy exhaust tips.

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   or see the GReddy catalog (more) P/N 10123224