Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stainless Steel 90mm to Quad 60mm Exhaust

       One sweet sounding R35 exhaust!  (p/n 10123300)

After months of testing different 1-2-4 and 1-4 exhaust configurations for performance and sound, we are proud to release the much anticipated tuned - GReddy PE-R stainless steel exhaust...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GReddy Big Bore Metal Head Gasket Set

    Used in GReddy built big bore complete VR engines.   (p/n 13521401)

GReddy VR Metal Head Gaskets features a stopper type center layer to completely seal the cylinder by adding extra torque around each cylinders.
Outer layers are coated with a thin layer of nitrile rubber to ensure good seal to the head and deck surfaces.
Designed to with stand high boost and power. These are now used in all of our big bore complete engine builds*(also Sold Separately)

Available bore sizes:
Part #: 13521401 99mm t=0.8mm (for 98.5mm bore pistons) 
Part #: 13521402 100mm t=0.8mm (for 99.5mm bore pistons) 

** Custom thickness are also available for additional cost.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New in stock! GReddy Fuel Delivery Tubes

      GReddy R35 High Flow Fuel Rail Set.  (Part Number:13923101)

The factory R35 fuel rail has a restrictive boss with in the tube which interrupts the fuel flow for high power application. GReddy Fuel Delivery Tube will improve the flow capacity by straightening the main tube with the injector center line as well as increasing the inner diameter of the main tube to 14mm. We were also able to increase the inner diameter of the connecting line to each bank to 10mm by using AN8 fitting and -8 Teflon lined fuel safe hose.

• With the included flanged fittings and -8 AN fittings you can mount the factory fuel pressure regulator and the dampener right on the rail or customize with upgraded fuel pressure regulators.
• By separating the mounting bracket from the main tube, the mounting height are adjustable, keeping the original injector mounting angle.

* The adjustment range is 2.5mm above and 3.5mm lower from the original factory injector position.
* When using upgrade injectors on factory fuel rail, the mounting brackets needs to be modified by slotting out the holes, but due to the injector length differences, and by the fuel rail being mounted crooked (not perpendicular to the injector boss), there are possibilities of fuel and/or air leak.

for more details, please see: