Friday, August 20, 2010

Twin Type 06R Intercooler Upgrade Kit

    It's Cool to Boost-up!

The Nissan R35 GTR is a very efficient machine in stock form. And for stock boost levels the GReddy GTR Intercooler upgrade  kit offers moderate gains, however for boost-up applications, long boost duration and warm weather, that is when the benefits of having larger cores show their real  benefits. To help fight against heat-soak, we offer the taller thicker Type 06R cores (GReddy H266 x W260 x D115mm vs Stock H260 x W220 x D83mm)

The larger twin Type-06 cores have a larger area and over an 1" thicker, provide over 20% better cooling with only a 0.05kg/cm2 (0.7psi) increase in pressure drop. (That's over 10deg C cooler then the stock core)

As well as good gains in hp and torque throughout the power-band.

for more details, please see the GReddy catalog: (here) P/N 12020483

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aluminum Hard Piping and Suction Kits

    Great Looks, reliable boost response and cool air intakes!

High polished mandrel bent Aluminum hard pipping for the R35 engine bay, not only improves the looks under the hood, but improve boost response and reliability.  It also includes twin Type RZ blow-off valves.

While similar materials are used in the large diameter Suction Pipe Kit. The routing is what really benefits the user.  The kit takes advantage of a cool air charge from the nose of the vehicle, with twin Airinx AY-SB filters.

for more details, please see the GReddy catalog: (here) P/N 12020943 & 12020906

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Full 80mm Titanium Power Extreme-Ti for R35

Better Sound, More Performance, Lighter weight!
        The GReddy 80mm (3.15") PE-Ti weighs only 19lbs!

With larger 80mm (3.15") diameter piping, the PE-Ti is still 46% lighter then the smaller, heavier factory exhaust (36lbs.)  This full Titanium construction R35 GTR exhaust starts just behind the "Y-pipe" to a single 80mm diameter mid-pipe.  Then smoothly "Y"s to large full dual 80mm, straight through oval GReddy mufflers and exits via quad-80mm diameter piping and 115mm "burnt" Titanium tips, for classic GReddy sound.

Test showed over 20hp increase in stock R35 GTRs without any other tuning.

for more details, please see the GReddy catalog: (here) P/N 10122605

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Start of something BIG!

Welcome to the new GReddy GR9 Blog!

This blog is dedicated to GReddy's quest for the ultimate street rocket R35 GTR!
On this blog we will update you on own GPP (GReddy Performance Products) Project GTR as well as other R35 products and builds.

Check back with us often, because there is a lot going on in the R35 tuning market.