Thursday, January 27, 2011

GR9 GReddy R35 GTR - 9.76 spec

Many have asked us recently; "What does it take to run 9sec quarter mile times in a street-trim R35?" Well since we've already done it, below is a list of the upgrades, we have made to our own GReddy GR9 R35 GTR.

Currently our car is now being fitted with and testing the next level of GReddy performance goodies to hopefully propel us in the the 8s shortly!  These same parts will be available to R35 owners very soon.  Please check back with our GReddy-GR9 Blog for more updates as they happen.


 List of our GR9 upgrades on the stock VR38DETT motor: 835 awhp

   * GReddy Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit (with piping & intake)
   * GReddy Type-29R Cross-flow Intercooler Kit
   * GReddy Racing Ti 94mm full Y-back titanium exhaust system 
   * GReddy DCT Transmission Cooler Kit
   * GPP tuned GR6 transmission
        w/ Dodson/Exedy clutch kit
        Dodson First gear Upgrade
        WPC Treated Full gear set and clutch steel plates
    * Ray's Engineering Volk Racing G2 wheels
    * MT Drag Radial Tires
    * Cobb AccessTuner/AccessPort GR9-Tuned for 91 octane pump and C16 race gas
    ***  For even more performance, ask us about our new GReddy VR Engine Programs and new high performance parts coming for the R35.

for more information on purchasing any of these items or services, please contact our GR Master Tuner list or GPP directly at