Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Road & Track Magazine Supercar Tuner

Photos by Guy Spangenberg
A few weeks back we shared on our blog that we were invited by a major Automotive magazine editor for a supercar comparison, well the editor  was Sam Mitani of Road & Track magazine and the challenge was to compare four elite Tuned Supercars (GMG Audi R8 LeMans TT, D3 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe and CEC Mercedes-Benz SLS).  We were happy to represent Japanese Tuners with our 4.3L GReddy Twin Turbo R35 (GR43 GT-R)  And as you can see from the results below, with some help from KW suspension, Whiteline, SP Engineering, Dodson, Rays and Toyo, we did quite well... 

Even with our GReddy stroker 4.3L engine, the 6 cylinder VR43DETT,  had the smallest displacement of the bunch, yet on pump gas (91) tuning with our 94mm Titanium Exhaust, Type-29 intercooler, twin TD06-20G turbo kit, at 25psi, it still made the most horsepower and torque.

Photos by Guy Spangenberg
But when it came time for performance test, we dialed the PRofec boost controller back to about 20psi, for the car to be more manageable for the magazine test drivers.  Even still the results were impressive.  0-60 in just 2.45sec. and the 1/4mile in just 9.9sec.   Sam Mitani said "...this car beat the $2.7 million Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (November 2011 issue) to 60 mph and to the quarter mile, the GR43 can be regarded as something of a bargain."  (this is the 2nd time we had a driver tell us our GT-R was faster then a Veyron)

The GR43 also had the best 0-100mph time, shortest braking distances (thanks to the TopSecret rotors), and even though the car was more set-up for a short road course then, a skidpad or slalom, we recorded the top Lateral Acceleration of 0.99g and just short of the best Slalom, by just 0.4mph (73.1mph).

Look for the full article "Performance Overload" in the next Road & Track issue.
and more photos of the GReddy GR43 (here)

GReddy GR43 GT-R D3 Cadillac CTS-V Cpe. GMG R8 LeMans TT CEC Mercedes-Benz SLS
2009 2011 2010 2011
Engine Twin Turbo 4.3L V6 Supercharged 6.2L V8 Twin Turbo 5.2L V10 6.2L V8
(The GReddy GT-R has 2 less cylinders and the smallest displacement in the group)
HP / Torque   900bhp / 750ft-lb * 705bhp / 676ft-lb 780bhp / 470ft-lb 635bhp / 525ft-lb
(The GReddy GT-R set at low boost, also has the most Horsepower and Toque)
0-60mph   2.45 sec * 3.9 sec 3.6 sec 3.7 sec
(The GReddy GT-R set the quickest 0-60 time, by over one second)
0-100mph   5.1 sec * 8.5 sec 7.3 sec 8.1 sec
(The GReddy GT-R set the quickest 0-100 time, by over two seconds)
1/4mile / mph   9.9sec @ 144.5mph * 12.1sec @ 121mph 11.4sec @ 131mph 11.8sec @ 123.4mph
(The GReddy GT-R set the quickest quarter-mile time. 2.5 seconds faster then the next quickest)
Braking, 60-0mph   112 ft * 113 ft 119 ft 116 ft
(The GReddy GT-R had the shortest braking distance from 60mph to 0)
Braking-100-0mph   195 ft * 199 ft 197 ft 197 ft
(The GReddy GT-R also had the shortest braking distance from 100mph to 0)
Lateral Acceleration   0.99g * 0.89g 0.98g 0.98g
(The GReddy GT-R recorded the best Lateral Acceleration)
700ft Slalom Speed 73.1 mph 69.3 mph   73.5 mph * 69.2 mph
(The GReddy GT-R had the 2nd fastest Slalom by just 0.4mph, even though the car was set-up more for a road course)

Monday, October 24, 2011

In car clip of the GReddy 35RX on the Fuji straight

Late last month at the annual GT-R Magazine's R-meeting, we debuted the GReddy 35RX GT-R with a 200+mph pass and Tarzan Yamada at the wheel.   Here is a quick video excerpt of the GReddy 35RX on a practice run (a few days prior) along the famous Fuji Speedway straight-away.

 Turn up the volume to hear the sweet sounds of the GReddy built 4.3L stroker VR engine & Twin TD06SH-20G Turbo Upgrade, in combination with the  GReddy single 90mm to quad 60mm PE-R exhaust.... enjoy!

Look for more footage in an upcoming Video Option Vol.212 feature...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

VR display sneak-peek

Sneak-peek of a HOT Model in the studio today... beauty shots coming soon

Friday, September 16, 2011

The GReddy 35RX is born!

See the debut of the GReddy 35RX at the GT-R Magazine's "R's Meeting 2011
Sunday, Sept. 18th at the famous Fuji Speedway... (updates coming soon...)

We can't wait to see the GReddy 35RX top speed along the Fuji straight-a-way!

Friday, August 26, 2011

GReddy R35 V2 - 4.3L VR Sound

Here is just a quick teaser of the sound our GReddy 4.3L VR powered R35 V2 makes on low boost & 91 octane fuel.  We'll have more updates in a few weeks about what this was for...but until then; TURN UP THE VOLUME and enjoy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GReddy R35 Exhaust Line-up

    One of GReddy's most important product lines has always been our Performance Exhaust Systems.  So it was important for us not to hold back on development for different exhaust for the R35 GTR.  A well designed exhaust system is one of the best investments you can make as a GTR owner and the return comes in the form of improved Power, Sound and Style!

Our most recent exhaust system is the fully polished stainless-steel Power Extreme PE-R.  After extensive prototyping and testing, this highly tuned configuration showed great performance increase for factory to boost up applications, as well as stock-frame turbo upgrades.  The unique design features: 90mm (3.5") diameter mid-pipe to 1-4 inverted collector to quad-60mm piping with individual straight-through bullet mufflers and SE style burnt Ti-coated tips for the smoothest flow.

The next exhaust options are our lightest-weight (just 19lbs), GReddy Racing Titanium PE-Ti and the more cost effective, stainless-steel version, the Power Extreme GS.  Both of these systems feature the same great design, with large 80mm (3.14") piping throughout (80mm 1-2-4) and large dual straight-through oval mufflers.  The "Tried and True" layout  increases flow and effective sound suppression.  These configurations have been our most popular and versatile applications we offer, from factory boost levels to our 20G twin turbo upgrades.

And last but not least, after pushing the limits of the of the R35 VR engines, we developed our largest, most extreme exhaust system yet, the GReddy Racing Titanium 94-XL.  With specially made Titanium 94mm (3.7") diameter piping (just about a large as you can fit under the R35 without under-tray modification) we use beautiful, labor-intensive "inch-welding" and V-band connections to smoothly route the huge piping from the 2x80-94mm Y-pipe all they way back to the large dual, high-flow oval mufflers and large 115mm, staggered tips. The exhaust also has burnt Titanium finished Tips and GReddy center logo The complete Y-back system weights just 29lbs. (less then 1/2 the weight of the factory system) Surprisingly enough the  large diameters work well for even stock turbo boost up applications and quiet enough for the street, but the biggest gains come when your pushing the VR engine with turbo upgrades over the 700hp-1200hp mark. (This is what we are using on our GPP R35 right now)

Or for more info and images of each exhaust, please see our original GR9 Blog Post on each:
            Power Extreme PE-R
           GReddy Racing Titanium PE-Ti
           Power Extreme GS
           GReddy Racing Titanium 94-XL

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The quest for Eights in a (R35) GTR by Autoweek

Back in May, the GPP staff was out supporting the efforts of one of our GR-Master Tuner Shops, SP Engineering, in their efforts for a GReddy-Powered, 8sec quarter-mile R35.   Although the the track conditions were not quite right for 8s, we have been working hard to get back on a track and go for it again!  Below is a recent article from Autoweek about our quest! 

"Eight seconds can seem either like an instant or an eternity.
For SP Engineering, however, eight seconds is the threshold it aims to cross in its highly modified Nissan GT-R shop car for the standing quarter-mile.
“This car will run eights,” said Will Wong, wholesale manager at SP Engineering. “The problem is traction, getting the power to the ground.” But SP continues to try a variety of suspension settings and tires in an effort to reach its goal.
Even with a full interior and ice-cold air conditioning, the street-legal GT-R pumps out more than 1,150 all-wheel horsepower through the Mickey Thompson drag-radial tires.
Having broken the previously long-held dyno horsepower records, SP went on to hold the world record for GT-R quarter-mile time with the SPE900 GT-R in April 2010--9.62 seconds at 149.8 mph. A stock 2012 Nissan GT-R will run the quarter-mile time in the low-11-second range...
Rival tuner shop AMS Performance of Chicago in May 2011 took the current record with a 9.1-second run at 163 mph with its flagship Alpha 10 GT-R.
Since then, SP has consistently been hitting the 9.2-second mark with its SPE1000 setup, inching closer to the ever-elusive eight-second barrier.
“With the right [elevation] and a good 60-foot launch, the SPE1000 can do very high eights, we believe,” Wong said.
SP plans to debut its top-of-the-line Godzilla package on track in the next month in another attempt to break the eight-second barrier. Piloting the SP Godzilla GT-R will be longtime customer and hot shoe Hing Yim.
If you have deep enough pockets and a strong stomach, you can have your own Godzilla GT-R for just less than $100,000. More than 20 kits have been ordered". (update: the current record is 9.05 @ 166)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Top Secret Japan products in stock at ShopGReddy.com

     Now you too, can get hard-to-find JDM items, like Top Secret!


Top Secret, Japan - is the infamous Smokey Nagata's high performance tuning shop and line of tuning products for exclusive JDM tuning fans. Top Secret specializes in Japanese Super-cars like the R35 GTR.  To aid the accessibility of hard to find JDM brands like Top Secret, Shop GReddy.com will now stock many popular Top Secret R35 products in our Irvine facility.  However if there are other hard-to-find JDM products you are after, we can special order and import them for you. (We pay for the shipping from Japan to our Irvine facility) For more information, please contact our ShopGReddy.com salespersons at shop@greddy.com



Monday, June 6, 2011

GReddy R35 VR Metal Head Gaskets Avaible now!

      In Stock and Available on www.ShopGReddy.com

VR38DETT GReddy Metal Head Gaskets          MSRP $385.00

        p/n 13521400   Factory 96mm Bore / 0.8mm thick
        p/n 13521401   Big Bore 99mm Bore / 0.8mm thick      
        p/n 13521402   Big Bore 100mm Bore / 0.8mm thick


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stainless Steel 90mm to Quad 60mm Exhaust

       One sweet sounding R35 exhaust!  (p/n 10123300)

After months of testing different 1-2-4 and 1-4 exhaust configurations for performance and sound, we are proud to release the much anticipated tuned - GReddy PE-R stainless steel exhaust...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GReddy Big Bore Metal Head Gasket Set

    Used in GReddy built big bore complete VR engines.   (p/n 13521401)

GReddy VR Metal Head Gaskets features a stopper type center layer to completely seal the cylinder by adding extra torque around each cylinders.
Outer layers are coated with a thin layer of nitrile rubber to ensure good seal to the head and deck surfaces.
Designed to with stand high boost and power. These are now used in all of our big bore complete engine builds*(also Sold Separately)

Available bore sizes:
Part #: 13521401 99mm t=0.8mm (for 98.5mm bore pistons) 
Part #: 13521402 100mm t=0.8mm (for 99.5mm bore pistons) 

** Custom thickness are also available for additional cost.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New in stock! GReddy Fuel Delivery Tubes

      GReddy R35 High Flow Fuel Rail Set.  (Part Number:13923101)

The factory R35 fuel rail has a restrictive boss with in the tube which interrupts the fuel flow for high power application. GReddy Fuel Delivery Tube will improve the flow capacity by straightening the main tube with the injector center line as well as increasing the inner diameter of the main tube to 14mm. We were also able to increase the inner diameter of the connecting line to each bank to 10mm by using AN8 fitting and -8 Teflon lined fuel safe hose.

• With the included flanged fittings and -8 AN fittings you can mount the factory fuel pressure regulator and the dampener right on the rail or customize with upgraded fuel pressure regulators.
• By separating the mounting bracket from the main tube, the mounting height are adjustable, keeping the original injector mounting angle.

* The adjustment range is 2.5mm above and 3.5mm lower from the original factory injector position.
* When using upgrade injectors on factory fuel rail, the mounting brackets needs to be modified by slotting out the holes, but due to the injector length differences, and by the fuel rail being mounted crooked (not perpendicular to the injector boss), there are possibilities of fuel and/or air leak.

for more details, please see: http://www.nagtroc.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=50084&st=0#entry688462

Monday, March 14, 2011

GPP SPL CNC Machined VR Cylinder Heads

   Computer Matched Combustion Chambers

We have found that the factory cylinder heads has quite a bit of variance in volume from chamber to chamber and left to right bank due to the casting. We offer Japanese CNC machined combustion chamber to match each combustion chamber for the perfect balance from cylinder to cylinder and from left to right bank and improving the chamber design for optimal combustion for responsive and high power engine. Each cylinder heads are scanned and digitized to properly machine the necessary area for perfect combustion chamber. The CNC program was designed by an engineer who has over 20 years of experience building and machining race/high performance engine and cylinder heads for well known JDM tuner's cars to GT race cars. ($2600 with core exchange)

This GReddy VR Service Includes:
CNC machined combustion Chamber
CNC valve seat cut
  * We can also offer ported and big valve combination for extra charge.

Contact: greddyR35@greddy.com

 For more details, please see: http://www.nagtroc.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=46548  (scroll down the page)

Friday, March 4, 2011

TCM LC1 Reflash Service by GReddy USA

      Need your 4500rpm Launch control back?

Adding to our list of in-house services like the VR Engine Building, and GR6 Transmission Upgrading, we can now also offer our GReddy TCM Reflash Service...

GReddy USA has been offering TCM reflash service to tuners for their project cars.
If your TCM has been reflashed to LC2 by Nissan dealer and you want your LC1 back for the 4500rpm launch control, we can reflash it for you.
LC1 reflash only works on 2009 model cars at this time.

We also have V-Spec data that will work for 2009-2011 model years. The launch control rpm is not raised. (LC2)

Cobb AccessPORT will still work after this reflash.

Please contact GReddy MasterTech dealer, PM us on NAGTROC.org  or email greddystaff@greddy.com for price and for more information.

NOTE: GReddy will not be responsible for damaged transmission due to high rpm launch or racing. These are not modified TCM data. They are all factory data that are being reflashed. We recommend upgrading the transmission with Dodson parts (at least the first gear) for LC1 high rpm launch. We are offering transmission service in house as well. We are one of Dodson Motorsports Proshop here in the west coast. Since we have to reflash the TCM directly to the unit, we have to break the seal which will void any warranty on the unit.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

GR9 GReddy R35 GTR - 9.76 spec

Many have asked us recently; "What does it take to run 9sec quarter mile times in a street-trim R35?" Well since we've already done it, below is a list of the upgrades, we have made to our own GReddy GR9 R35 GTR.

Currently our car is now being fitted with and testing the next level of GReddy performance goodies to hopefully propel us in the the 8s shortly!  These same parts will be available to R35 owners very soon.  Please check back with our GReddy-GR9 Blog for more updates as they happen.


 List of our GR9 upgrades on the stock VR38DETT motor: 835 awhp

   * GReddy Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit (with piping & intake)
   * GReddy Type-29R Cross-flow Intercooler Kit
   * GReddy Racing Ti 94mm full Y-back titanium exhaust system 
   * GReddy DCT Transmission Cooler Kit
   * GPP tuned GR6 transmission
        w/ Dodson/Exedy clutch kit
        Dodson First gear Upgrade
        WPC Treated Full gear set and clutch steel plates
    * Ray's Engineering Volk Racing G2 wheels
    * MT Drag Radial Tires
    * Cobb AccessTuner/AccessPort GR9-Tuned for 91 octane pump and C16 race gas
    ***  For even more performance, ask us about our new GReddy VR Engine Programs and new high performance parts coming for the R35.

for more information on purchasing any of these items or services, please contact our GR Master Tuner list or GPP directly at greddyr35@greddy.com

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    R35 Power Extreme-GS Stainless-steel Exhaust

    Enhance the sound of the VR38 engine in the R35 GTR,
            with a Stainless-Steel GReddy Power Extreme –GS exhaust.
    (p/n 10123224)

    The PE-GS is a full Stainless-steel version of our popular high-flow PE-Ti for the (R35) GTR. The system features the same diameter piping and routing in a more conventional construction and a lower price. The layout starts with a large 80mm (3.15”) mid-pipe to a dual 80mm “Y” to two tuned, straight-through, oval GReddy mufflers and exit via two more 80mm “Y”s and quad- 115mm (4.5”), inner-rolled, bolt-on GReddy exhaust tips.

    *Available now at Authorized GReddy Dealers or purchase now from www.shopgreddy.com

       or see the GReddy catalog (more) P/N 10123224

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    GReddy Billet Pistons

    Strongest piston set now available! option for GReddy Engine Program

    We now have 2 piston options to choose from for our engine program.

    Piston Option1: GReddy Custom Forged JE Pistons
    Piston Option2: GReddy Exclusive Billet JE Pistons (Pictured Below)

    We have teamed up with JE Pistons and Dynamic to develop the strongest pistons sets possible for extreme monster builds. The design and development took almost a year to complete but it was worth the wait! We took our VR block with our stroker cranks to JE Pistons back in April of last year to start development of forged and billet pistons sets for our engine program and we requested JE to perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for development of these pistons to test the stress and fatigue on a computer model before production. Each billet pistons are machined out of a block of high quality 2618-T6 aluminum. 100% CNC machined part means every surface are machined allowing for all unnecessary weight to be removed to keep the piston lighter but stronger. The piston features internal and external struts for improved durability and strength.

    These billet pistons are not for everyone, but if you are targeting over 1000HP, you might want to consider these. Why billet over forged? To make forged pistons as strong as these billet pistons, they will be heavier which will affect the response and acceleration. By machining every surface, billet pistons can achieve the highest uniformity of material thickness on skirts and general body, which results in improved heat dissipation caused by stress concentrations experienced in high boost / high power engines. This is not possible with plain shaped forgings on a high production pistons.

    For such extreme build, why not get the strongest piston available. Due to the production process and the development costs, it does cost more than forged pistons but if you are looking for the most durable and strongest pistons for 1000+HP that will withstand up to 1600+HP, these are the ones you want!

    These options are available for all GReddy Engine Program (3.8L, 4.0L big bore, 4.0L Stroker, and 4.2~ 4.4L Big Bore Stroker) and are not available by it self.
    see our Complete Engine thread for more information.

    for more info, please see: http://www.nagtroc.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=47159

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    More new products coming soon from GReddy!

    Now that more and more GTR owners are building their vehicles for high power applications, our R&D team in Japan and US have been busy developing more upgrade parts for the R35 GTR.
    We will soon release few upgrades for high power applications and some of these prototypes will be displayed at this week's Tokyo Auto Salon in the GTR display area but here is a sneak previews of one of the item.

    GReddy Billet Big Bore Throttle Bodies
    With all the recent developments and release of various turbo upgrades and modified engines for monster power, we are now starting to exceeded the capacity of the factory throttle body to take full advantage of this increase of flow and volume.

    There are many modified factory throttle bodies out in the market already but the maximum diameter these factory throttle bodies can be machined out to is 63mm due to the factory castings (factory ID is 60.5mm)
    We are currently testing 70mm and 75mm throttle body with 80mm inlet diameter. GReddy Billet Big Bore Throttle Bodies will utilize adaptor flanges to make these big bore possible on the factory manifold (with minor modifications). We are also working on high capacity intake manifolds as well. These throttle bodies are CNC machined from forged, billet 6061 aluminum and will be hard anodized for durability. They are designed to use the factory internal motor mechanism and cover for simple plug-in application and tuning. Features precision machined parts for super smooth operation and flow for maximum flow and quality.
    Made in Japan

    Large throttle bodies are the key to produce additional power throughout the powerband and maximizing the potential of the modified engines with upgraded high flowing turbochargers.

    More images and data will be posted soon.

    GReddy Fuel Delivery Tube
    Factory fuel rail has an inside diameter of 11mm but around the injector mounting section they are reduced to 6mm restricting the flow for high power application.
    GReddy Fuel Deliver Tube are designed to support good fuel supply for upgraded injectors with 14mm inside diameter. It also features a bracket system that will ensure proper fitment of the injectors. Mounting them perfectly perpendicular to the injector mounting boss on the cylinder heads.

    for more details, please see: http://www.nagtroc.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=47162

    Thursday, January 6, 2011

    Sneak-peek at the new and improved R35 VR Cast Manifolds

    New Stainless Cast Turbo Exhaust Manifold for GReddy turbo kit coming soon!

    The prototype part will be displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon next week in the GTR Display aera.

    These new manifolds are designed for better follow and the inside diameters are increased compared to our current stainless tubular manifolds.