Tuesday, February 26, 2013

GReddy RX Intake Manifold Variation

UPDATE 01/14 : Pre-drilled Injector holes with included optional billet plugs. 

     P/N 13522331 R35 GT-R RX Intake Manifold with Injector Bosses
P/N 13522331
P/N 13522330

Many GReddy R35 owners are continuously pushing the limits of their GT-Rs and we have had requests for a special variation for our proven R35 RX Intake Manifold... a way to add more fuel!

Fueling these extra high horsepower GT-R VR engines require very large fuel injectors, in fact the six main fuel injectors are now approaching sizes too big for most ECUs to handle alone.  The solution... provisions for 6 additional fuel injectors at the base of the GReddy RX Intake manifold.  (or you can use smaller size main injectors and add more fuel via the additional 6 injectors) 

So in addition to the standard GReddy RX Intake Manifold for the GT-R, there is second version now available that has un-drilled injector bosses cast into the base of each runner.  These can then be easily machined to allow for custom sub-injector mounting.  (Injectors and fuel rail not included.)
P/N 13522331 R35 GT-R RX Intake Manifold with Injector Bosses
P/N 13522331
P/N 13522331

P/N 13920460
P/N 13923101

Monday, February 25, 2013

GReddy R35 AVC

With the factory R35 air-flow meter diameters, the horsepower potential is restricted to a maximum of 680hp.  Now by using the GReddy AVC (Adapter Voltage Correction) for the R35, you can now upgrade to 70mm diameter air-flow area for upto 850hp or 80mm diameter for 1,000hp!
 P/N 15520302 - GReddy AVC for R35