Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rocket Bunny GT-R Aero Kit

Authorized GReddy Dealers are now accepting pre-orders for the Rocket Bunny (R35) GT-R Aero Kit
Rocket Bunny "Full Metal Jacket" R35 GT-R (Complete Kit with GT-Wing)
   Designed by Kei Miura,TRA Kyoto
   Construction: FRP
1st shipment due June 2014
  MSRP $
15,000. USD
Part Number # 17020635
      see Authorized GReddy Dealer List

Complete Rocket Bunny Kit includes: -FRP

  Full Front Bumper
  Upper Front Lip

  Front Lip Plate
  Lower Front Lip Diffuser
  Front Canard (set)
  Front Fender Canard (set)
  Side Canard (set)
  Front Over-Fenders (set)
  Rear Over Fender (set)
  Rear Under Diffuser
  Rear Diffuser Alum. Brackets
  GT-Wing and End-plates
  GT-Wing Aluminum Uprights
  GT-Wing Rod Supports
   LED Turn Signal Kit

As used on the GReddy/TRUST Racing Team - Team Toyo Drift 35RX Dspec GT-R in D1 Gran Prix:
TRUST Racing Team 35RX Dspec GT-R