Thursday, July 21, 2011

The quest for Eights in a (R35) GTR by Autoweek

Back in May, the GPP staff was out supporting the efforts of one of our GR-Master Tuner Shops, SP Engineering, in their efforts for a GReddy-Powered, 8sec quarter-mile R35.   Although the the track conditions were not quite right for 8s, we have been working hard to get back on a track and go for it again!  Below is a recent article from Autoweek about our quest! 

"Eight seconds can seem either like an instant or an eternity.
For SP Engineering, however, eight seconds is the threshold it aims to cross in its highly modified Nissan GT-R shop car for the standing quarter-mile.
“This car will run eights,” said Will Wong, wholesale manager at SP Engineering. “The problem is traction, getting the power to the ground.” But SP continues to try a variety of suspension settings and tires in an effort to reach its goal.
Even with a full interior and ice-cold air conditioning, the street-legal GT-R pumps out more than 1,150 all-wheel horsepower through the Mickey Thompson drag-radial tires.
Having broken the previously long-held dyno horsepower records, SP went on to hold the world record for GT-R quarter-mile time with the SPE900 GT-R in April 2010--9.62 seconds at 149.8 mph. A stock 2012 Nissan GT-R will run the quarter-mile time in the low-11-second range...
Rival tuner shop AMS Performance of Chicago in May 2011 took the current record with a 9.1-second run at 163 mph with its flagship Alpha 10 GT-R.
Since then, SP has consistently been hitting the 9.2-second mark with its SPE1000 setup, inching closer to the ever-elusive eight-second barrier.
“With the right [elevation] and a good 60-foot launch, the SPE1000 can do very high eights, we believe,” Wong said.
SP plans to debut its top-of-the-line Godzilla package on track in the next month in another attempt to break the eight-second barrier. Piloting the SP Godzilla GT-R will be longtime customer and hot shoe Hing Yim.
If you have deep enough pockets and a strong stomach, you can have your own Godzilla GT-R for just less than $100,000. More than 20 kits have been ordered". (update: the current record is 9.05 @ 166)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Top Secret Japan products in stock at

     Now you too, can get hard-to-find JDM items, like Top Secret!

Top Secret, Japan - is the infamous Smokey Nagata's high performance tuning shop and line of tuning products for exclusive JDM tuning fans. Top Secret specializes in Japanese Super-cars like the R35 GTR.  To aid the accessibility of hard to find JDM brands like Top Secret, Shop will now stock many popular Top Secret R35 products in our Irvine facility.  However if there are other hard-to-find JDM products you are after, we can special order and import them for you. (We pay for the shipping from Japan to our Irvine facility) For more information, please contact our salespersons at