Monday, January 10, 2011

More new products coming soon from GReddy!

Now that more and more GTR owners are building their vehicles for high power applications, our R&D team in Japan and US have been busy developing more upgrade parts for the R35 GTR.
We will soon release few upgrades for high power applications and some of these prototypes will be displayed at this week's Tokyo Auto Salon in the GTR display area but here is a sneak previews of one of the item.

GReddy Billet Big Bore Throttle Bodies
With all the recent developments and release of various turbo upgrades and modified engines for monster power, we are now starting to exceeded the capacity of the factory throttle body to take full advantage of this increase of flow and volume.

There are many modified factory throttle bodies out in the market already but the maximum diameter these factory throttle bodies can be machined out to is 63mm due to the factory castings (factory ID is 60.5mm)
We are currently testing 70mm and 75mm throttle body with 80mm inlet diameter. GReddy Billet Big Bore Throttle Bodies will utilize adaptor flanges to make these big bore possible on the factory manifold (with minor modifications). We are also working on high capacity intake manifolds as well. These throttle bodies are CNC machined from forged, billet 6061 aluminum and will be hard anodized for durability. They are designed to use the factory internal motor mechanism and cover for simple plug-in application and tuning. Features precision machined parts for super smooth operation and flow for maximum flow and quality.
Made in Japan

Large throttle bodies are the key to produce additional power throughout the powerband and maximizing the potential of the modified engines with upgraded high flowing turbochargers.

More images and data will be posted soon.

GReddy Fuel Delivery Tube
Factory fuel rail has an inside diameter of 11mm but around the injector mounting section they are reduced to 6mm restricting the flow for high power application.
GReddy Fuel Deliver Tube are designed to support good fuel supply for upgraded injectors with 14mm inside diameter. It also features a bracket system that will ensure proper fitment of the injectors. Mounting them perfectly perpendicular to the injector mounting boss on the cylinder heads.

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