Monday, March 14, 2011

GPP SPL CNC Machined VR Cylinder Heads

   Computer Matched Combustion Chambers

We have found that the factory cylinder heads has quite a bit of variance in volume from chamber to chamber and left to right bank due to the casting. We offer Japanese CNC machined combustion chamber to match each combustion chamber for the perfect balance from cylinder to cylinder and from left to right bank and improving the chamber design for optimal combustion for responsive and high power engine. Each cylinder heads are scanned and digitized to properly machine the necessary area for perfect combustion chamber. The CNC program was designed by an engineer who has over 20 years of experience building and machining race/high performance engine and cylinder heads for well known JDM tuner's cars to GT race cars. ($2600 with core exchange)

This GReddy VR Service Includes:
CNC machined combustion Chamber
CNC valve seat cut
  * We can also offer ported and big valve combination for extra charge.


 For more details, please see:  (scroll down the page)

Friday, March 4, 2011

TCM LC1 Reflash Service by GReddy USA

      Need your 4500rpm Launch control back?

Adding to our list of in-house services like the VR Engine Building, and GR6 Transmission Upgrading, we can now also offer our GReddy TCM Reflash Service...

GReddy USA has been offering TCM reflash service to tuners for their project cars.
If your TCM has been reflashed to LC2 by Nissan dealer and you want your LC1 back for the 4500rpm launch control, we can reflash it for you.
LC1 reflash only works on 2009 model cars at this time.

We also have V-Spec data that will work for 2009-2011 model years. The launch control rpm is not raised. (LC2)

Cobb AccessPORT will still work after this reflash.

Please contact GReddy MasterTech dealer, PM us on  or email for price and for more information.

NOTE: GReddy will not be responsible for damaged transmission due to high rpm launch or racing. These are not modified TCM data. They are all factory data that are being reflashed. We recommend upgrading the transmission with Dodson parts (at least the first gear) for LC1 high rpm launch. We are offering transmission service in house as well. We are one of Dodson Motorsports Proshop here in the west coast. Since we have to reflash the TCM directly to the unit, we have to break the seal which will void any warranty on the unit.