Friday, May 25, 2012

Enhanced DCT Cooling

GReddy Billet DCT Cooling Oil Pan Kit
P/N 14520450

Improving on the factory 2011 GT-R DCT oil pan, the GReddy Machined-billet Aluminum DCT Oil Pan Kit incorporates additional inner-ribs to prevent oil foaming and two carefully placed oil drains for a more complete maintenance procedure.  The kit also includes our powerful 5,000 Gauss GReddy Neo Mag-drain bolts for better transmission life.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GReddy Multi D/A Gauge

GReddy Multi D/A Gauge is GReddy35RX GT-R approved

As seen in use on the GReddy35RX Top Speed Challenge video, the all new GReddy Multi D/A Gauge is an ideal choice for R35 GT-R owners to easily monitor important engine signals like Turbo Boost pressure, EGT and Fuel Pressure, while still being able to use the GT-R's factory Multifunction Display for various factory signals.

With the included Wireless Remote Control and water-resistant center unit, the unit is simple to install and easy to use.

For more on our new Multi Digital Analog Gauge please see: