Friday, August 26, 2011

GReddy R35 V2 - 4.3L VR Sound

Here is just a quick teaser of the sound our GReddy 4.3L VR powered R35 V2 makes on low boost & 91 octane fuel.  We'll have more updates in a few weeks about what this was for...but until then; TURN UP THE VOLUME and enjoy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GReddy R35 Exhaust Line-up

    One of GReddy's most important product lines has always been our Performance Exhaust Systems.  So it was important for us not to hold back on development for different exhaust for the R35 GTR.  A well designed exhaust system is one of the best investments you can make as a GTR owner and the return comes in the form of improved Power, Sound and Style!

Our most recent exhaust system is the fully polished stainless-steel Power Extreme PE-R.  After extensive prototyping and testing, this highly tuned configuration showed great performance increase for factory to boost up applications, as well as stock-frame turbo upgrades.  The unique design features: 90mm (3.5") diameter mid-pipe to 1-4 inverted collector to quad-60mm piping with individual straight-through bullet mufflers and SE style burnt Ti-coated tips for the smoothest flow.

The next exhaust options are our lightest-weight (just 19lbs), GReddy Racing Titanium PE-Ti and the more cost effective, stainless-steel version, the Power Extreme GS.  Both of these systems feature the same great design, with large 80mm (3.14") piping throughout (80mm 1-2-4) and large dual straight-through oval mufflers.  The "Tried and True" layout  increases flow and effective sound suppression.  These configurations have been our most popular and versatile applications we offer, from factory boost levels to our 20G twin turbo upgrades.

And last but not least, after pushing the limits of the of the R35 VR engines, we developed our largest, most extreme exhaust system yet, the GReddy Racing Titanium 94-XL.  With specially made Titanium 94mm (3.7") diameter piping (just about a large as you can fit under the R35 without under-tray modification) we use beautiful, labor-intensive "inch-welding" and V-band connections to smoothly route the huge piping from the 2x80-94mm Y-pipe all they way back to the large dual, high-flow oval mufflers and large 115mm, staggered tips. The exhaust also has burnt Titanium finished Tips and GReddy center logo The complete Y-back system weights just 29lbs. (less then 1/2 the weight of the factory system) Surprisingly enough the  large diameters work well for even stock turbo boost up applications and quiet enough for the street, but the biggest gains come when your pushing the VR engine with turbo upgrades over the 700hp-1200hp mark. (This is what we are using on our GPP R35 right now)

Or for more info and images of each exhaust, please see our original GR9 Blog Post on each:
            Power Extreme PE-R
           GReddy Racing Titanium PE-Ti
           Power Extreme GS
           GReddy Racing Titanium 94-XL