Thursday, July 10, 2014

VR engine specific Racing Spark Plugs

Now aviable to Authorized GReddy Dealers customers, are the highly searched for JDM spec. R2558A-9 NGK Racing Competition Spark Plugs!
NGK Part # 22401-RS080-09
GReddy Part # 23000009
One of the best spark plugs you can find for a highly modified R35 GT-R.  Proven to perform on many GReddy 35RX builds. The NGK Racing Spark Plugs in a colder, Heat Range 9 is an ideal design for powerful VR builds.  A redesigned angled ground strap has provided improved anti-smoldering or fouling characteristics.

These VR Specific NGK Racing Spark Plugs feature a 0.55 Electrode Diameter, an electrode constructed with a Iridium center & Platinum exterior, and a built-in resistor.

The "Long-reach" plug type measures 12mm diameter X 26.5mm long for the threaded section and it uses a 14mm socket size.