Wednesday, September 8, 2010

GReddy Twin Turbo Uprade Kit for the R35

    The heart of any GR9 Build, the Twin Turbo Kit!

The key to the success of all our GR9 vehicles all include our Twin TD06SH-20G Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit. As well as being among the 1st kits on the market, it has also been one of the best proven packages available for the R35 GTR to date.  When looking for power in the 800-1000 plus hp range, a full turbo upgrade is a must and the GReddy Twin Turbo Kit delivers it with great components.  Proven and tested, quick response, high power TD06SH-20G turbo provide the reliable base, while smooth flowing, hand built, header-type turbo manifolds feed exhaust gases to the turbos.  Large twin GReddy Type-R Wastegates and inter-graded down pipes expel excess pressure to the exhaust.  The turbo kit also includes lightweight, large diameter, compression piping.  Another plus is the included cold air suction piping with high-flow Airinx air-filters located in the nose of the car.  (This turbo kit is compatible with both the Type-06R or Type-29R intercooler kits.) 

UPDATE: larger, high-flow cast manifolds coming soon!

Check out this movie featuring the install and running of our Twin TD06SH-20G turbo upgrade kit for the R35 GTR. With skilled tuning the kit can make upwards of 1000hp and provide consistent and reliable 9sec quarter mile passes.

for more details, please see: (here)  P/N 11520101