Friday, August 20, 2010

Twin Type 06R Intercooler Upgrade Kit

    It's Cool to Boost-up!

The Nissan R35 GTR is a very efficient machine in stock form. And for stock boost levels the GReddy GTR Intercooler upgrade  kit offers moderate gains, however for boost-up applications, long boost duration and warm weather, that is when the benefits of having larger cores show their real  benefits. To help fight against heat-soak, we offer the taller thicker Type 06R cores (GReddy H266 x W260 x D115mm vs Stock H260 x W220 x D83mm)

The larger twin Type-06 cores have a larger area and over an 1" thicker, provide over 20% better cooling with only a 0.05kg/cm2 (0.7psi) increase in pressure drop. (That's over 10deg C cooler then the stock core)

As well as good gains in hp and torque throughout the power-band.

for more details, please see the GReddy catalog: (here) P/N 12020483