Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Supreme Ti - 94mm Titanium Exhaust for GT-R

   Now with quad 125mm burnt Titanium Tips!
GReddy is proud to introduce a new update to the popular GReddy 94mm Titanium Exhaust for the R35 GT-R. In addition to a name change, the new system now features 10mm larger quad 125mm (4.9”) burnt Titanium tips, to better fill up those GT-R rear tip cut outs.  The system maintains it's proven design.  It's has great performance for upgraded GT-Rs but still comfortable for milder, daily-driven GT-Rs. The large dual oval mufflers provide excellent sound suppression and sound quality, while large piping frees up power for the twin turbo VR engine.   It also comes with a huge dual 80mm (3.15") to 94mm (3.7") Y-pipe. The construction is made-up of carefully hand-built 94mm piping is pain-painstakingly "inch-welded" for excellent fitment and flow.  The ideal exhaust for the R35 GT-R is the 94mm GReddy Supreme Ti !

P/N 10128294      2009-14 Nissan GT-R (R35)      Supreme Ti - 94mm      $ 5495.00 

Monday, August 11, 2014

TRUST Event Coverage from D1GP Rd.3 Autopolis

Qualified #1 Position Tanso, Top 8 Tsuiso Finish
2014 Series Ranking: currently 12th

The 2014 Round 3 of the Gran Turismo D1 Grand Prix series was held at Autopolis on July 26-27th.  The long straight of the the circuit played into the hands of Masato Kawabata and the 1000+hp GReddy 35RX Dspec GT-R of the TRUST Racing X Team Toyo Tires Drift Team.  Debuting a new Artfactory Metallic Blue livery for the event, and coming off a Exhibition match win at the Ken Block Nagoya Experience, Kawabata won the top Qualifying position with a 100.41pt score in the dry.

However Sunday's competition day, again brought bad weather, with rain and fog.  Because of this, the event was shorten to start with a Top16 field of cars.  The first round win came again the Team Mori with Goodyear Athlete in the wet.  In the next round against eventual winner Kunny's, a power-steering issues a raised to stop the day short.  All in all it was a very positive round, which showed the potential of Masato Kawabata in the fairly new R35 Drift car.  Next round is dangerous but exciting Ebisu Circuit in August 23-24. 

Tanso Video from Rd.3
Tsuiso Video from Rd.3 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

VR engine specific Racing Spark Plugs

Now aviable to Authorized GReddy Dealers customers, are the highly searched for JDM spec. R2558A-9 NGK Racing Competition Spark Plugs!
NGK Part # 22401-RS080-09
GReddy Part # 23000009
One of the best spark plugs you can find for a highly modified R35 GT-R.  Proven to perform on many GReddy 35RX builds. The NGK Racing Spark Plugs in a colder, Heat Range 9 is an ideal design for powerful VR builds.  A redesigned angled ground strap has provided improved anti-smoldering or fouling characteristics.

These VR Specific NGK Racing Spark Plugs feature a 0.55 Electrode Diameter, an electrode constructed with a Iridium center & Platinum exterior, and a built-in resistor.

The "Long-reach" plug type measures 12mm diameter X 26.5mm long for the threaded section and it uses a 14mm socket size.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The GReddy 35RX Dspec GT-R wins in Nagoya

Ken Block's Nagoya Experience D1GP Stars Winner!
   Masato Kawabata - Team Toyo Drift x TRUST Racing 35RX Dspec GT-R

On July 5th, Ken Block returned to Japan for a huge demo featuring 12 of the top D1 Grand Prix drifters.  Or very own Masato Kawabata in the Team Toyo Tires Drift x TRUST Racing 35RX Dspec GT-R, not only qualified no.1, but came out victorious in an unusually tight and strangely decorated Gymkhana-like course to over 9,000 Japanese fans.

Being the winner of the D1 Tandem battle, Kawabata won a chance to challenge the purpose built AWD Ford of Ken Block.  We have to say, for a large, high-speed pro-drift car like the 35RX GT-R, was surprisingly competitive at the hands of Kawabata!

Check out the side by comparison...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

TRUST Event Coverage from D1GP Rd.2 Suzuka

Round 2 of the 2014 Gran Turismo D1 Grand Prix series was held at Suzuka Circuit.  The Suzuka course layout is the fastest of the series, with a very long straight-away going into the famous Turn 1.  The key to this round is speed and a having a good line to take advantage of the speed.  Teams that can achieve this, will gain high scores.  The obvious weight handy-cap we faced in round one, was far less important on this high speed track, since we could use the raw horsepower of the GReddy-powered VR engine.

In Saturday's first pre-qualifying session, Kawabata was able to take advantage of the 35RX's power with an exciting, high speed run scoring 101.40pts (the highest score ever recorded in D1GP,) placing him in 1st.  Kawabata was faster then all the top teams and was clocked at speeds in excess of 227km/h (140+mph.)  The team was feeling confident and aimed to better the speed and score in the Qualifying finals (Tanso,) unfortunately it was just over the limit and a slight mistake, placed the Team in the 22nd position for the tandem battles. 

In Sunday's Tsuiso round, Kawabata faced Tokita of Goodyear Racing.  Kawabata manged to keep an impressive proximity to Tokita and received a decisive victory to move on to the next round.  Unfortunately car troubles, which could not be repaired in time, forced the team to retire and miss the next battle.

Round 3 - Autopolis is scheduled for July 26-27th

22 in the final run 1st ■ The single qualifying run ■ single [ dry : sunny road surface ( Sat ) Weather May 24 ]

[ May 25 (Sun) Weather: Fine Surface: dry ] ■ ■ Tsuisou qualifying victory Tsuisou final ( last 16 ) retired

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rocket Bunny GT-R Aero Kit

Authorized GReddy Dealers are now accepting pre-orders for the Rocket Bunny (R35) GT-R Aero Kit
Rocket Bunny "Full Metal Jacket" R35 GT-R (Complete Kit with GT-Wing)
   Designed by Kei Miura,TRA Kyoto
   Construction: FRP
1st shipment due June 2014
  MSRP $
15,000. USD
Part Number # 17020635
      see Authorized GReddy Dealer List

Complete Rocket Bunny Kit includes: -FRP

  Full Front Bumper
  Upper Front Lip

  Front Lip Plate
  Lower Front Lip Diffuser
  Front Canard (set)
  Front Fender Canard (set)
  Side Canard (set)
  Front Over-Fenders (set)
  Rear Over Fender (set)
  Rear Under Diffuser
  Rear Diffuser Alum. Brackets
  GT-Wing and End-plates
  GT-Wing Aluminum Uprights
  GT-Wing Rod Supports
   LED Turn Signal Kit

As used on the GReddy/TRUST Racing Team - Team Toyo Drift 35RX Dspec GT-R in D1 Gran Prix:
TRUST Racing Team 35RX Dspec GT-R

Monday, April 7, 2014

TRUST Event Coverage from D1GP Rd.1 Fuji

The start of the 2014 D1 Grand Prix series starts at Fuji Speedway. We have returned to the D1GP with the GReddy 35RX Dspec GT-R we revealed with Toyo Tires at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon, back in January.   The official team name is " Team TOYO TIRES DRIFT TRUST RACING "

Last year D1GP Champion, Masato Kawabata had solid runs through out practice.  In Tanso (single car) Qualifying a slight miscalculation in speed cause a slight straightening.  The result a 20th place in qualifying.

Heavy rain fell on the second day of competition for the Tsuiso (twin drift) rounds.  Kawabata in the new car, and Saito, in his IS struggled in the heavy rain with the win going to Saito in the first round, before the rest of the competition was cancelled because of the rail.

The team faced a lot of challenges and learned a lot from this first event at FUJI DRIFT.  Round 2 is Suzuka.  Thank you for your continued support!

[ March 29 ( Sat ) Weather: Fine Surface: dry ] 

    ■ 20 of the final run single Tanso
[ March 30 (Sunday) Weather: rain road surface : wet ] 
    ■ 1 round knockout defeat Tsuiso, Tsuiso qualifying canceled due to bad weather
[ 2014 ] Series # 22 ( 1.5 points)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

TAS Best Concept Car Winner - GReddy

The GReddy RXspec D-Concept GT-R wins at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon!

This is the second time winning this award.  The first was in 2012 for the GReddy 35RX GT-R(see here)

The rear-wheel drive D1 Grand Prix machine was also recognized by Nissan and SpeedHunter's Dino Carbonare as one of the most extreme cars of the show in this Nissan Newroom video...

The GReddy D-Concept GT-R features the new Rocket Bunny GT-R aero kit, that will be aviable soon...